Walorski Unveils Ad Highlighting Work on Bipartisan Anti-Opioid Law
September 27, 2016

New Campaign Spot Features 2nd District Hoosiers Who Have Faced the Crisis Firsthand.

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski’s (IN-02) campaign today launched a new TV ad highlighting her work on a bipartisan law to combat the opioid and heroin abuse epidemic in Indiana.

The ad features Mary Russell of Elkhart, Ind., who struggled with addiction and is now a recovery specialist at SPA Ministry Homes in Elkhart. The ad also spotlights others from across Indiana’s 2nd District who have dealt with this crisis firsthand, including law enforcement officials and recovered addicts.

“The opioid epidemic is a crisis in Indiana, and Jackie Walorski has fought for bipartisan solutions to help those struggling with addiction,” said Walorski for Congress campaign manager Emily Daniels. “This ad is an opportunity to highlight the people in our district who are confronting this crisis head-on as well as to share the message of Jackie’s leadership in Congress to get them the resources they need.”

The bipartisan Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act (S. 524), which was signed into law in July, authorized an increase in federal resources to confront the opioid epidemic, treat addiction, and prevent overdose. Congresswoman Walorski was selected to serve on the conference committee that negotiated the final details of the legislation due to her leadership on the issue. Two provisions she authored to protect veterans from opioid overprescription were included in the legislation.

In an editorial (“Our Opinion: Vigorous response to opioid epidemic,” 5/19/16), the South Bend Tribune called the comprehensive legislation that Walorski helped draft “a display of bipartisanship that’s all too rare these days.”

The ad will run on broadcast networks in the South Bend market.

To watch the ad, click here.


Mary Russell:  I know what it’s like to deal with drug abuse addiction. I suffered myself for many years. Today I’m a certified recovery specialist helping others recover. We have a serious drug epidemic and Jackie Walorski is providing strong leadership. Jackie is working to give healthcare providers and law enforcement better tools to handle this crisis. Thanks to Jackie, we can increase prevention services and save lives. Jackie’s on our side.

Jackie Walorski: I’m Jackie Walorski and I approve this message.